Estro Block Pro + Liv D-Tox
Annabel Smart on 19/06/2017 Purchased: EstroBlock Pro 60 caps + Estroblock Liv D-Tox 60 caps Combo
Estro Block has made such a difference to my skin my general health and my confidence. I have had hormonal acne for most of my life and have tried absolutely everything to help it. Some health professionals told me there was nothing I can do about it.
I read about Estro Block on The Love Vitamin and decided to try it out. I was so happy with the results, within a week my acne had cleared and my sensitive skin had calmed down. I can't recommend this product enough, I wish everyone knew how impressive the results are!
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I am a 30 year old female who has suffered from acne since I was a teenager. For as long as I can remember I have had regular pimples on my face and back, and in recent years I have had particularly bad cystic acne around my neck and jaw line. A friend of mine who has spent years trying different methods to fix her own acne; seeing nutritionists and making diet changes, recommended I try Estroblock as she had seen great results. Within two weeks of taking Estroblock I saw changes in my skin, and within 4 weeks I saw a significant reduction in my acne. I also noticed that my skin was less oily than it had previously been. I travel a lot for work and usually my skin goes crazy with the jet lag and lack of sleep, so I couldn't believe it when after 4 weeks of taking Estroblock I didn't get a single pimple while travelling around the world in 10 days. My skin is now consistently clear, with only a few very shallow pimples popping up around the time of my period.
Estroblock has changed my skin and I can't recommend it enough.
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Have been using this for 3 months now and by the end of 2 months started to notice a big difference in my skin health as well as energy levels. Now my acne has completely gone and never felt better. I have recommended this to many friends as is such a good product.
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Marlsa on 18/12/2015 Purchased: Delgado Protocol - EstroBlock 60 caps
I ordered estro block from you before. Im just starting my 3rd bottle now and im acne free!
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I have suffered with painful, cystic acne for five years. I had tried everything possible from diets, to supplements, skin treatments and antibiotics all of which failed to produce any results, I even went to several dermatologists who said they couldn't help me. I had almost given up on ever having clear skin until i came across estroblock after doing hours of research. At first I was skeptical because I had always been disappointed with products that claimed to 'work' but didn't, but I am so happy that I found estroblock. I have been on it for roughly three months and my skin has cleared up dramatically, no more painful cysts, no more throbbing, no more redness and I can eat whatever I want and still not break out! My skin has never been this clear! If you have acne, give estroblock a try, you will not be disappointed.
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I have had ongoing hormonal troubles since stopping the contraceptive pill and have been patiently working through these by restoring and nourishing my body in a hollistic way for the past year. My main concern was hormonal cyctic acne along my jaw line and cheeks. My natropath started me on a different brand of DIM but I then changed to Estroblock Pro and noticed significant improvement in my skin. It is the best feeling to not have painful acne on my face like I used to! I was offered all sorts of medicine by Drs to help but I wanted to fix the root of the problem and stop covering everything up...estroblock is all natural and is seriously amazing. I found out about estroblock on a blog called "the love vitamin" about another ladies struggle with hormonal acne, check it out and you can read lots of other success stories about this product.
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Bindy on 09/12/2014 Purchased: Phi Sciences - Mega Hydrate 50gram powder
I've suffered chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for 20 years. Before that I was a fit nurse who loved triathlons and long distance cycling. This year, for 6 months, I had a really bad bout of fatigue. I could hardly move from the couch and couldn't participate with life and enjoy my hubby and 3 lovely kids. I started on mega hydrate powder and within a week noticed positive changes. Now a few months later I am doing yoga and body balance as I've joined the gym. I did a 20 k walk...before I could hardly walk to the letterbox or shower!! I am so amazed. I have my life back. I'm still pacing myself yet this is an incredible product. I just take 2 doses of the powder daily in water. I also think strong positive thoughts, eat paleo and have a faith. I don't drink alcohol, coffee or eat processed muscle pain has diminished..Yay!! Many blessings to you. Do all you can to look after the one body you have and love that body with everything!
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Excellent product great service and fast delivery.

Will be back.

Highly recommended.
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