What are endocrine disrupting chemicals?


What are endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and how do they affect us?


Endocrine disrupting chemicals, or EDCs for short, are chemical forms found in the environment which have a direct effect on our bodies and are known to interfere with our endocrine system. Our endocrine system is a series of glands responsible for the production and regulation of hormones and specific hormone levels. We now recognize (although still often overlooked) hormones are connected to virtual every aspect of human health (including skin health).

Xenoestrogens are the most common form of EDC found in the environmental, well known for their impact on human hormone levels.


If our endocrine system is burdened with exposure to large amounts of toxins, specifically EDCs, our hormonal balance may be subject to instability and vast fluctuations.


EDCs may also produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects.


Endocrine disruptor’s are found in many household products which include plastic bottles (bottled water is notoriously bad), food tins lined with BPA lining, dish detergents, washing powders, conventional food, children’s toys, cosmetics, and pesticides. The list continues to grow by the day. They're now finding microplastics in our drinking water!


There are also links between these chemicals and the lowering of fertility as well as some forms of cancer.It is possible, by eliminating the toxic EDC buildup in our system, we may seriously improve our reproductive cycle and balance with the natural hormonal rhythm. We don't claim that Estro Block boosts libido, however this is the case for some users, perhaps simply due to the elimination of toxic estrogens.



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