Plastic Microfibres working their way up through the food chain, possibly leading to endocrine disruption in humans.

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Plastic Microfibres working their way up through the food chain, causing inflammation possibly endocrine disruption in humans.



Please see ABC article here:


According to Dr Mark Browne these 1 millimetre microbibres are now being found in all ocean organisms, including fish in Sydney Harbour.


"Medical evidence shows that when these particles of plastic transfer to tissues of humans themselves, particles of this size are able to cause inflammation and fibrosis," Dr Browne said.


So according to this article Dr Browne believes exposure to these micro plastics in humans could lead directly to an inflammatory response from the body. This is interesting to note, giving there is a strong argument that many of the modern day skin ailments, seem to be in some way or other related to inflammation. Some people argue most skin conditions are in fact a direct result of inflammation.


What this article fails to point out, is the possible endocrine disruption these plastics may also have on our endocrine systems. It is well known that plastics such as BPA can leach into our systems and cause issues with the hormone levels. There is every possibility that this is the case with these micro plastics. It may take quite some time to accumulate enough plastic into our system, however we are already so bombarded with endocrine disrupting pollutants day to day, that the effects may build up quickly.


With an ever increasing buildup of exposure to these, is it any wonder people bodies are so desperate to eliminate toxins and are over inflamed? Resulting in sever skin break outs and out of control fluctuations.


Fortunately EstroBlock is designed specifically to target endocrine disrupting plastic byproducts and assist the body to eliminate them gently through the liver.


While you may not be able to remove the fibres from the body, once they have entered, estroblock may help to prevent a lot of the potential side effects, such as certain skin conditions like acne / inflammation. Of course prevention is alway better than cure, so we would recommend avoiding these fibres all together, and purchase organic based clothing.

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