-10% EstroBlock Pro 60 caps + Estroblock Liv D-Tox 60 caps + DHT Block 60 caps
troBlock Pro is not recommended for first time users due to its extra potency. Please see EstroBlock regular strength for a suitable beginner alternative.

EstroBlock Pro + Estroblock Liv D-Tox + DHT Block

EstroBlock Pro Formula Triple Strength

  • Clear Toxic Estrones
  • Balance Hormones
  • Manage Weight
  • Increase Energy

Has the highest concentrations of Diindolylmethane (DIM) and indole 3 carbinol (I3C) for reducing fat building estrogens. Menopausal women, women on birth control pills and men with prostate problems often have concentrations of harmful types of estrones 16aOHE that can be safely detoxified with Cruciferous DIM and I3C.

Our special delivery system allows the DIM to become 5 times more effective than crystalline DIM in other products.

Two capsules equal over 2 pounds of raw vegetables. This is one of the only products that can improve the effectiveness of ones own testosterone while enhancing lean body muscle. Estroblock can be taken every day and night to correct imbalances of estrogens. See Anti Aging Medical News Spring 2003 journal abstract, “Estrogen a Male Toxin,” by Nick Delgado PhD.

Ingredients: DIM Complex 100 MG, Indole 3-Carbinol (I3C) 50 mg, DIM Complex is a proprietary blend of Diindolymethane, Vitamin E as d-alpha tocopherol succinate, Lecithin and Phosphatidylcholine 40%.

Other Ingredients: Rice flour and vegetable capsule.

Estroblock Liv D-Tox

Whereas EstroBlock helps clear harmful estrogens and restores good estrogens at the biochemical level, Liv D-Tox stops testosterone from converting directly into estradiol. This helps reduce estradiol as it works at the cellular level to protect the body against cellular mutation caused by accumulation of estrogen byproducts.  This excess Estradiol is an unmetabolized estrogen is associated with an increased risk of endometriosis, one the leading reasons why millions of women have had hysterectomies, fibroid tumor growths, and uterine cysts, excess body fat gain, and breast tumors.

Liv D-Tox blocks the receptor sites where excess estrogen attaches, thereby allowing the excess to be excreted out of the urine. Liv D-Tox and EstroBlock (or EstroBlock Pro) work incredibly well in combination. Men and women using Liv D-Tox have observed reductions in abdominal fat, increased lean body mass, and have reported a pleasant natural detox effect. Safe for those with a depressed immune system.

We suggest consulting with your physician on matters of disease, diagnosis and the dosage of Liv D-Tox if you have a serious disease.

Product Description

Benefits of Liv D-Tox

  • Helps detoxify hormones from fat cells
  • Can be used as part of an Acne protocol
  • Can be used as part of an Estrogen Dominance related Weight Loss Protocol
  • Can be used with Bio Identical Hormone Therapies
  • Can be used as part of a Cancer Immune Support Protocol

Proprietary Blend: Turmeric, Astragalus, Cyperus rotundus (nut grass), Asparagus, Apricot Kernel seeds, Pomegranate Extract, Ginger, Silymarin (from milk thistle seed extract), Wasabi root Powder, Vitamin E 15 mg (as D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate 50% ), Phosphatidylcholine from Sunflower seed powder 40%, Lecithin powder from Sunflower seed (non GMO).

It contains no soy, no stearates, no phosphates, no synthetic derivatives, and no animal products.

DHT Block

DHT Block contains a potent blend of cruciferous vegetable extracts, antiinflammatory and antioxidants nutrients, and DIM — all of which help to neutralize harmful hormones that can cause acne, hair loss and poor immunity. All of the ingredients are extracted from raw, whole foods, and just one serving of DHT Block provides the same equivalent benefits of consuming several pounds of raw vegetables per day.

About the Product

  • DHT Block has beta-Sitosterols, which gives it the ability to calm down Dihydro-testosterone (DHT) and androgen activity that causes hair loss in men and women, as well as acne.
  • DHT Block has the ability to shift the production of Estrogens and Androgens from bad to good while clearing various forms of harmful hormone metabolites which are often associated with acne, hair loss, and poor immune function.
  • DHT Blocker is formulated to provide support against the negative effects of DHT, naturally!
  • Our product is made using Good Manufacturing Practices at a certified laboratory in the USA
  • It contains no soy, no stearates, no phosphates, no synthetic derivatives and no animal products.

The new DHT Block is the perfect compliment to Estroblock. DHT Block has beta-sitosterol, which gives it the ability to calm down Dihydro-testosterone(DHT) and androgen activity in the skin!

The cruciferous mix of natural vegetable extracts in DHT Block provides a unique concentration of isothiocyantates and glucosinolates offering your body protection by neutralizing potentially harmful estrogen metabolites (16aOHE) and xenoestrogens (estrogen-like environmental chemicals).

This boosts cell protection. The dosage of DIM, Diindolylmethane, by far exceeds any other DIM product in this price category.

DHT Block has the ability to shift the production of estrogens from bad to good while clearing various forms of harmful hormone metabolites which are often associated with acne, hair loss, and poor immune function.

It also aids in the clearance of several breast, colon or prostate toxins. Even if you eat plenty of broccoli or cabbage, the moment you cook it, most of the protective properties are lost!

We use all raw, whole food concentrated extracts that would require the consumption of several pounds of raw vegetables per day. Parsley and celery contain apigenin, a powerful plant flavonoid that offers cell and DNA protection.

Have you read about the incredible benefits offered from pomegranate to build up the immune system, and improve circulation by restoring the nitric oxide molecule on a daily basis?

Astragulus and tumeric are amazing restorative herbs that assist liver cleansing, and at the right concentrations assist the telomeres caps at the end of each strand of DNA.

This protects chromosomes and DNA for healthy glowing skin, reduced oil production, and sebaceous cysts in the skin.

Our product is made using Good Manufacturing Practices at a certified laboratory in the USA that adheres to the highest standards. It is soy free and gluten free with no additives, no stearates, and no artificial colors.

Talk with an Anti-Aging, lifestyle medicine expert to decide if combining DHT Block with EstroBlock, along with a healthy diet and exercise plan, is right for you!


Proprietary Blend 730 mg Cabbage - POWDER (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranceus) Tumeric Root (Curcuma longa) DIM -(3,3'-Diindolylmethane) Parsley Extract (Petroselinum crispum) 4:1 Broccoli sprouts 5 to 1 Extract (Brassica oleracea var.italica 0.4% glucosinolates) Celery Extract (Apium graveolens) 4:1 Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus officinalis) 4:1 Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Sesame Seed Sesame oil (Sesamum indicum) POWDER *Beta-sitosterol non soy, from pine  

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EstroBlock Pro 60 caps + Estroblock Liv D-Tox 60 caps + DHT Block 60 caps

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Before and After EstroBlock...
Melissa - 24/08/2015... "I have suffered with painful, cystic acne for five years. I had tried everything possible from diets, to supplements, skin treatments and antibiotics all of which failed to produce any results, I even went to several dermatologists who said they couldn't help me...
.. I had almost given up on ever having clear skin until i came across estroblock after doing hours of research. At first I was skeptical because I had always been disappointed with products that claimed to 'work' but didn't, but I am so happy that I found estroblock....
.. I have been on it for roughly three months and my skin has cleared up dramatically, no more painful cysts, no more throbbing, no more redness and I can eat whatever I want and still not break out! My skin has never been this clear! If you have acne, give estroblock a try, you will not be disappointed."
Andrea - 18/02/2015... "I have had ongoing hormonal troubles since stopping the contraceptive pill and have been patiently working through these by restoring and nourishing my body in a holistic way for the past year. My main concern was hormonal cyctic acne along my jaw line and cheeks...
.. My natropath started me on a different brand of DIM but I then changed to Estroblock Pro and noticed significant improvement in my skin. It is the best feeling to not have painful acne on my face like I used to! I was offered all sorts of medicine by Drs to help but I wanted to fix the...
... root of the problem and stop covering everything up. Estroblock is all natural and is seriously amazing. I found out about estroblock on a blog called "the love vitamin" about another ladies struggle with hormonal acne, check it out and you can read lots of other success stories about this product."
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